About ScripturePlus

The ScripturePlus app is a fully-interactive scripture study app designed to help learners engage in the word of God more fully.

We hope you find this app rewarding and spiritually invigorating as it is designed to facilitate pondering God’s word in a rich digital environment. Developed by Book of Mormon Central, whose mission is to build enduring faith in Jesus Christ by making the Book of Mormon accessible, comprehensible, and defensible to the entire world, this app contains the 2013 edition of Latter-day Saint scriptures with compelling enrichment material.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints granted a license to Book of Mormon Central in 2016 to build this mobile app and provides ongoing encouragement of our efforts since the granting of the license.

Included are multiple versions of the text, formatting with sub-headings, red lettering to highlight words and names of deity, author/speaker identification, questions and answers, quotations from General Authorities and reliable scholars, charts, images, and Book of Mormon Central’s signature KnoWhys. The app also includes hundreds of videos from some of the best faithful YouTube channels online. While we have tried to curate these videos to include only the best content, we do recognize differences of beliefs and interpretations within portions of these videos. Many more technical features and content types are contemplated in future releases.

The scriptures are peerless and eternal. This enrichment material is curated to help you seek learning out of the best books by study and by faith.

ScripturePlus Credits

Book of Mormon Central has succeeded because of the incredible support from many individuals, listed below.

Major Donors

Acahand Foundation via Steven Harris, Salt Lake City, UT

American Foundation via Bruce Babcock, Phoenix, AZ


Alan & Karen Ashton, Orem, UT

Ashton Family Foundation, Lindon, UT

Bellevue Family Trust via Marilyn Victor, Scottsdale, AZ

Tad R. & Kathryn Callister, Bountiful, UT

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation, Salt Lake City, UT

Bryson & Jan Garbett, Salt Lake City, UT

David & Lynette Jenkins, Logan, UT

Johnny & Verlanne Johnson, Lewisville, TX

KSM Family LLC, American Fork, UT

Arlo & Jackie Luke, Pocatello, ID

Kirk & Shannon Magleby, American Fork, UT

Gail Miller & Kim Wilson, Salt Lake City, UT

Alan C. Miner, Springville, UT

More Good Foundation, Orem, UT

Nuvek, LLC, American Fork, UT

Bill & Linda Perry, Sandy, UT

Howard & Marianne Reichman, Provo, UT

Tom Sederberg in honor of Brenda C. Sederberg, Provo, UT

Duane & Marci Shaw Foundation, Draper, UT

Stephanie Sorensen Charitable Fund, Laguna Niguel, CA

Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Midvale, UT

Welch Family Trust, Salt Lake City, UT

John S. & the late Unita Welch, Salt Lake City, UT

John W. & Jeannie Welch, Provo, UT

John A. Widtsoe Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Dow & Lynne Wilson, Palo Alto, CA

Book of Mormon Central

Bob Babcock, Board

Tyler Perry, Board

Scott Petersen, Board

Ruth Schmidt, Board

John W. Welch, Chairman

Lynne Wilson, Board

Steering Committee

Taylor Halverson

Kirk Magleby

Tech Development

KC Kern

Victor Llanten

Roberto Solis

Patricio Soto

Jacob Warson

Design and Quality Control

Nathan Bryant

Andy Griffin

Jasmin Gimenez Rappleye

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Daniel Smith

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Neal Rappleye

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Spanish Translation

Noé Correa

Cinthia Gamboa

Cecy Gastelum

Jesús Inda

Alejandro Martinez

Benjamin Monroy

Benji Monroy

Melody Monroy

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Javier Tovar

Fernando Vasquez


Megan Searles

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