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Future Release Features

More content for each volume

The team will continually work to create and curate more supplementary study content to make the scriptures even more engaging. We hope to add more images as we obtain more permissions from religious artists around the world. We will also continually add more Videos, Quotes, KnoWhys, Q&As, and General Conference talks.


Book of Mormon Central is developing integration of verse-by-verse commentaries that will be accessible in the Study Panel. Future commentaries for the Book of Mormon and the New Testament are currently under development.


This will give the user the ability to select favorite verses of scripture to remember by highlighting in various colors


This will give the user the ability to keep track of certain places in the scriptures for future use.


The user can take notes and write insights about impressions and thoughts on scripture passages.

Reading Plans

Users can quickly and easily accomplish their daily scripture study through optional reading plans, that will assign users particular passages of scripture or content that will follow a theme or pattern of study.

Cross References

Similar to the footnotes in the official Church publication of the scriptures, we will provide cross-references to related scriptures to facilitate critical thinking.

Text Settings

The user can adjust the size, font, and line spacing of the text of the scriptures.

Verse of the Day

Get push notifications on the Verse of the Day, to remind you to do your daily scripture study.

Social Capability

Have the ability to react, share, and comment on various scriptures or pieces of study content.


We will continually strive to ensure that ScripturePlus is accessible for various types of disability.

Additional Study Tools

More study tools such as maps, timelines, and etymologies will be under development in the future.

More Red-Lettering

Right now only the Book of Mormon highlights the words and names of God in red. However, we hope to soon expand to the other volumes of scripture such as the Old Testament and the New Testament.