ScripturePlus now available on Amazon Kindle

Screen of Mosiah on ScripturePlus Amazon Kindle
Post Contributed By ScripturePlus Team on March 18, 2020

Book of Mormon Central is very pleased to announce that ScripturePlus is now available for download for Amazon Kindle devices. Our development team has been working very hard to be able to release this app to the rest of our audience.

We hope that users of all ages and situations can improve their Book of Mormon study this year with ScripturePlus. Like our other OS releases, the Amazon Kindle version of ScripturePlus will contain:

  • 2,000+ Quotes from scholars and General Authorities
  • 1900+ Images and Charts
  • 800+ Videos
  • 2 original verse-by-verse commentaries
  • Speaker Identification
  • Red-Lettering for the words of Christ and other members of the Godhead
  • Multiple editions of the Book of Mormon (original 1830, current official version, etc.)

Please submit your feedback to help us improve the user experience.